Axon Health Associates specializes in health and wellness programs designed to meet the needs of your company.

Programs developed by Axon Health Associates include Corporate Wellness Events, Health Fairs, Massage Days, Ergonomic Lectures, Sports-related Workshops and more.

Axon Health Associates helps you introduce your employees to the benefits of different types of healthcare providers.

Axon has successfully created a network of physicians to provide a comprehensive approach to modern healthcare.

New York is an exceptional city with a fast-paced lifestyle. With endless options and information available, it can be overwhelming for people to select the best care.

Our events aim at eliminating the stress and time spent locating a healthcare provider so that corporate employees can stay healthy and focus on their work sooner.

Coordinating health and wellness events with Axon Health Associates is simple and stress-free. We provide and organize all necessary aspects of health events and oversee the events on-site.

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We Bring Wellness to You.

With four convenient locations in Manhattan, Axon Health Associates can arrange the best professional wellness events for your company.

Manhattan Corporate Wellness

Health Fairs

Our comprehensive health and wellness events, arranged with our partners, include several healthcare practitioners, vendors and complimentary takeaways that are in-network with your company’s insurance plan. We will handpick the best participants for your special event.

Screening Vendors
Physical Therapy – Chiropractic – Acupuncture
Podiatry – Ergonomic Counseling – Pain Management
Stress Management – Internal Medicine – Cardiology
Dermatology – Dentistry – Vision – Flu Shots
Nutritional Counseling – Allergies – Weight Loss

Healthy Snacks, Chair Massages, and more!

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Manhattan Corporate Wellness

Massage Days

A wellness event that can be incorporated into even the busiest of work schedules: Massage Day.

Convenient 10-minute slots for each employee allow for a relaxing break without interfering with important meetings.

A variety of refreshments and services are available for your special event.

Examples of additional services include:

  • A special lunch to complement your Massage Day
  • Healthy treats as a nutritional alternative to office snacks
  • Informational screenings offered in conjunction with massage therapy

All Massage Day services are tailored to your company’s personality and individual needs.

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Manhattan Corporate Wellness

Wellness Events

Axon Health Associates designs wellness events that fit your company’s specific needs.

We pick the health care providers and presenters best suited and most convenient for your employees.

Our goal is to educate employees about wellness and to help your company reduce loss of productivity due to illness.

Wellness events that we offer include:

  • Ergonomics workshops featuring workstation posture and seated stretches
  • Exercises to avoid workplace injuries
  • Simple orthopedic self-diagnosing tricks
  • Sports-related workshops

Our doctors have extensive knowledge in sports therapy and work with marathoners, golfers, tennis players and various other athletes. Workshops led by our doctors expand upon nutrition, workout routines, weight loss and more.

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Give Your Company the Gift of Health
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